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Fugitive Planet

Across the galaxy a sun dies and a highly-advanced alien species, the Babekian race, faces annihilation. Escape from their solar system is their only option for survival. 


Thousands of years later, human astronomers discover a strange new object in the sky moving towards Earth at incredible speeds. 


What happens when the worlds of two intelligent species, evolved in isolation, are destined to collide? 

...Greenburg's debut sci-fi novel...sets an impressive pace from the start...An entertaining futuristic tale with a thoroughly established, cool alien species.
Kirkus Reviews
Winner of the prestigious Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion



Earth is on the verge of chaos as fear of the aliens drives political upheaval.  Astronomers Matt Olsen, Elizabeth Vozzo, and others watch in horror as the stability of society hangs in the balance.  

The Babekians begin the difficult task of restoring their planet surface to its previous glory but unexpected mishaps, an erratic orbit, and instability on Earth threaten their very existence.  The alien children Weka, Emerum, and Maymor must face their greatest challenges yet.

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